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Why get a trademark?

Most of the brands, logos and slogans you love, know and trust have been registered. A registered mark gives you a presumption of ownership and a presumed right to use the brand nationwide giving you broader protection in courts. Once registered, present yourself as an established and serious business with the ® symbol after your name, logo or slogan. Other benefits include:

  • Presumed validity of the mark if you have to sue
  • Additional remedies in court
  • May increase the value of your company

Why run a search for similar marks?

Before spending your time and money filing an application, you should do a search to see if your mark is already in use or registered by someone else. A search will help avoid obvious duplications of pre-existing marks. If the USPTO rejects your application, the fees to USPTO Trademarks and the USPTO are not refundable. If your company is just beginning, it’s better to make name changes now rather than invest in building a brand only to learn that you have to change the name and lose all of your goodwill. All packages include a free, federal direct-hit search.

Our customers and clients must understand the entirety of the process. We deal with the issue in steps. Trademark Statement of Use is issued by USPTO, assuring the applicant that their application is in process. It is best that you know everything about the process; therefore, we advise all our clients to first have a one-to-one consultation with one of our customer support representatives to know everything about the services that we provide to our clients.

  • Nike
  • McDonalds
  • Exxon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • Google

All your trademark needs at a great price

Statement of Use

$149 + USPTO fees

Package Details

  • Proper Formatting of Specimen(s)
  • We’ll make sure your specimen of use is properly formatted for submission to the USPTO to avoid delaying the acceptance of your Statement of Use and issuance of your Registration.
  • Assembled by a Trademark Specialist
  • Your Statement of Use is assembled by one of our Trademark Specialists making sure it complies with the USPTO’s requirements.
  • Status Reports
  • We’ll send you electronic status reports confirming your Statement of Use submission as well as when your trademark registers.
  • Same-Day InstaFile
  • Same-Day Electronic filing of your Statement of Use with the USPTO while you wait using our proprietary InstaFile System.

Extension of Time

$149 + USPTO fees

Package Details

  • Additional 3 Months
  • We’ll get you an additional 3 months to file your Statement of Use if you are not using your trademark by the time your current deadline expires.
  • Assembled by a Trademark Specialist
  • Your Statement of Use is assembled by one of our Trademark Specialists making sure it complies with the USPTO’s requirements.
  • Status Reports
  • We’ll send you electronic status reports confirming your Extension of Time as well as your new deadlines to file your Statement of Use.
  • Same-Day InstaFile
  • Same-Day Electronic filing of your Extension with the USPTO while you wait using our proprietary InstaFile System.

Petition to Revive

$149 plus gov. fees

Package Details

  • Revive my Trademark
  • Petition to Revive
  • Response to Issue Causing Abandonment
  • Filed by a Trademark Specialist
  • Electronic Status Reports
  • Notice of Future Renewal Deadlines

What They Say

Over 4,306 people and businesses have come to us for their custom logos,
websites, books and all types of graphic design.

“It is all about customer service and work support. USPTO Trademarks has been kind and just towards us. For people who have been looking for the right place to get themselves registered with the right authorities, USPTO Trademarks is the perfect choice!”

Loni P, Virginia

Great Service

“Talk about the easiest possible way to get your patents registered without any hassle – USPTO Trademarks has it all. I always stumbled and procrastinated while getting myself registered, it always seemed like too much work to me, but thanks to USPTO Trademarks, now I am finally a patent owner”

Tracy J, Utah

Easy & Fast

“I always thought about getting myself registered but it always felt like too much work. I am the kind of person who likes to switch between businesses, first it was a diner, and now it is a paint shop. Juggling between so many businesses, I wanted someone who could register my trademarks, logos, name, and patents. After a friend recommended that I should contact USPTO, my life got less hectic. Now I can invest in businesses and get them registered without any hassle!”

Katrina J, Texas

Streamlined and Easy

“As a songwriter and playwright, I’d say that USPTO is the best thing that happened to me. I was constantly being robbed off my property. Seeing the plays and songs that I spent days to formulate performed by someone else in the most stupid way is heart breaking. Thanks to USPTO, now I can actually take legal action against those who steal my work and don’t bother considering that someone worked hard for this!”

Eric M, California

Very Helpful

“I am a graphic designer and most of my work is done online and through multiple forums. People would often steal my work and there was nothing I could do about it. After being registered with USPTO, now I can easily secure the authenticity and originality of my work. I don’t have to worry about my work being stolen by others. The people at USPTO are very helpful, I love how they would listen to what you want and help you out regardless of the nature of your business.”

Melanie G, New Jersey


Federal Trademark Registration FAQs

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