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Why get a trademark?

Most of the brands, logos and slogans you love, know and trust have been registered. A registered mark gives you a presumption of ownership and a presumed right to use the brand nationwide giving you broader protection in courts. Once registered, present yourself as an established and serious business with the ® symbol after your name, logo or slogan. Other benefits include:

  • Presumed validity of the mark if you have to sue
  • Additional remedies in court
  • May increase the value of your company

Why run a search for similar marks?

Before spending your time and money filing an application, you should do a search to see if your mark is already in use or registered by someone else. A search will help avoid obvious duplications of pre-existing marks. If the USPTO rejects your application, the fees to USPTO Trademarks and the USPTO are not refundable. If your company is just beginning, it’s better to make name changes now rather than invest in building a brand only to learn that you have to change the name and lose all of your goodwill. All packages include a free, federal direct-hit search.

Requesting Extension is a tiring job, and to be honest, you don’t need to worry about it. Once we have completed your process, we will make sure that the USPTO issues you a proper Statement of Use. Statement of Use assures the applicant that his registration has been complete and now he or she has complete autonomy over the trademark or patent. We make sure that we notify our valuable clients once their trademark registration or copyright is about to expire. Furthermore, we also help our clients file a Request Extension. An Extension in your copyright grants you six months as leverage till you file for the copyright once again, you can consider it as a grace period provided by the USPTO.

  • Nike
  • McDonalds
  • Exxon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple
  • Google

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“I am a graphic designer and most of my work is done online and through multiple forums. People would often steal my work and there was nothing I could do about it. After being registered with USPTO, now I can easily secure the authenticity and originality of my work. I don’t have to worry about my work being stolen by others. The people at USPTO are very helpful, I love how they would listen to what you want and help you out regardless of the nature of your business.”

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Federal Trademark Registration FAQs

Still have questions?

What don’t we copyright here on the USPTO Trademarks?

Since the U.S. Copyright Office does not allow any filing submitted via electronic media, we are not offering copyright services at the moment. Also, you can get any content that came into being through your intellect such as; literary, musical, dynamic, and artistic work, poetry, content, songs, movies, software, and architecture.

What’s the difference between copyright, patent and trademark?

Copyright basically holds surety that certain content, in any form, as stated above is your property and people will be accountable for copying, rewriting, and unauthorized use of your intellectual property. Patents are restricted to products, such as brand name and slogan, whereas copyright covers a larger set of tools you own. Moreover, trademarks are used to define or symbolize what you own such as a Logo or a phrase that people tend to associate with your company.

What is a common law copyright?

A common law copyright is a doctrine that governs the copyright protection of your label. It is legal and registered with the concerning authorities. Unless you have an acting common law copyright claim, you cannot sue or legitimate any kind of juridical action against anyone. Therefore, it is best to have one, than to regret later in life.

What are statutory damage?

Statutory damage is covered by the state. Therefore, if you are filing your copyright timely, you might be able to recover from statutory damage. Hence, damages caused by the infringement is considered to be small and it might bring forth a dispute while the pursuit of a lawsuit.

How long does a copyright last?

A copyright lasts around the life of the author. If a person dies the copyright claims can be forgiven. Therefore, you can technically claim the possession of the content. Nonetheless, in some places, the copyright is around more than 70 years after the death. Consider if the author died in 2020, you cannot republish or use their work until 2090.