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USPTO Trademarks ensures that businesses – whether small, large, or digital, reserve their rights over their intellectual property. USPTO provides the most robust, fastest, simplest, and most economical approach to protect their brand's integrity and originality. We help people of the United States have complete authority over the content they publish, the logos they have, their copyrights, their trademarks, and all that they deem to have value.

USPTO Trademarks is a project initiated by experienced lawyers and technologists who felt that intellectual property should have the same importance as physical property. We provide our clients with filing services that enable them to have complete autonomy over their businesses. We strive to bring forth a process that is efficient, understandable, and affordable. We feel everyone owns the right to have their property protected with an official trademark bestowed by the United States' Government. USPTO is not a law firm and we do not provide legal consultation, litigations, advice, and guidance of any kind. We help our clients acquire knowledge and legal rights over any intellectual property. We value the time you invest in your work and it falls upon our shoulders to help people attain autonomous rights over their businesses.

With 12 years of experience in the field, our legal knowledge and vigorous grip over technology enabled us to formulate a process that helps our users get themselves registered easily. Moreover, we have trained our customer service representatives to guide our customers at every step of the process. We aim to provide our customers services that enables them to protect their names, brands, slogans, logos, content, and ore.

Nonetheless, our services are not appropriate for people who seek legal consultation. They are advised to consult a law firm who will help them cover all aspects of privacy policies, legal documentation, and ownership of businesses. We mainly cater to small scale businesses or digital brands who are looking for a domain or pathway to get themselves registered with the authorities.